We stock an extensive range of kerbs, all of which are supplemented by a variety of components to offer flexibility of layout. Both standard and non-standard sizes are available.

British Standard

  • Bull-Nosed
  • Half-Battered
  • Square
  • Splay
  • Special Profile
  • Accessories include; Crossing Units, Radius Units, Dropper Units, Quadrants, Internal Angle, External Angle, Transition Kerbs


We carry extensive stocks of this high containment kerb designed for busy traffic routes where it is essential that vehicles remain on the roadway. A range of transition units and accessories are available.

Bus Stop

A variable height kerb system, designed to overcome problems associated with differences in height between pedestrian pavements and the entrances to public transport vehicles. A range of components are available.

Specialist & Natural Stone

A range of kerb products in natural stone or for specialist purposes, including:

  • Yorkstone
  • Granite
  • Textured


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