Our plastic paving systems, Ecoblock and Turf Reinforcement Mesh, provide solutions to erosion problems caused by pedestrian or vehicular traffic on land that has not been reinforced. These systems stabilise the ground whilst maintaining an attractive grass or gravel finish.

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Ecoblock is a grass protection or gravel retention system designed for long term use in a wide range of load bearing applications, for example:

The system provides a highly durable surface which can be infilled with grass or gravel. Either way, Ecoblock enables vehicular and pedestrian traffic to utilise the area without causing damage to the grass sward or displacing decorative gravel.

Ecoblock's 500mm x 500mm x 80mm deep blocks are lightweight (3.5kg), easy to handle and manufactured from recycled polyolefin-based material to help with environmental policies. Easily cut on-site, the 8mm cell walls can provide the required load bearing capacity for emergency vehicles, and with in-built expansion slots are tolerant of thermal expansion/contraction. Ecoblock has a unique interlocking and pinning arrangement to improve lateral strength and is produced in either black or green as standard. Other colours are available subject to minimum order quantities.

When used in combination with compatible geotextiles and geomembranes, Ecoblock can provide an effective and efficient Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS ) either by attenuation or infiltration treatment of stormwater. These systems have been developed in accordance with best management practice (BMP).

Ecoblock is supported by a dedicated customer support team providing a comprehensive service including full technical back up and an optional approved installer network.


Ecoblock units consist of 36 cells, each 80mm deep, which facilitate the growth of grass roots. The cell formations are such that they allow 84% of the surface area to be available for infill.

This means better grass coverage and an optimum visual appearance. The 80mm depth of the cells is extremely important to grass growth. The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) recommend a depth of 80mm to form healthy root, and thus grass, growth. Any less than this will restrict the roots and will result in die-back.


The Ecoblock system can also be used in gravel retention applications where a decorative appearance is required. The units are available in a range of colours on request and when used with decorative gravels, create a pleasing visual effect as well as preventing the migration of fill across the area. In this type of application, Ecoblock also performs a porous paving function by allowing storm water to quickly infiltrate the surface pavement layer.

Ancillary Products

  • Ecopin locking pins
  • Ecomarker demarcation blocks
  • Range of decorative gravels
  • Rootzone mixes

Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Our Turf Reinforcement Mesh is a temporary solution to soil or grass erosion caused by pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Easily laid, the mesh provides a reinforced surface suitable for lightweight vehicular loadings, whilst maintaining an attractive appearance.

The mesh is supplied green in colour, so that as grass grows through the mesh, the root mass will interlock and the protected area will quickly resume its natural appearance.

Our turf reinforcement mesh is manufactured from lightweight HDPE and is supplied in 2m x 30m rolls with a mesh size of 27mm x 27mm. Our turf mesh is rot proof, UV stabilised and resistant to both chemicals and fungi.

Where a wide area is to be protected, the mesh should be overlaid and held down with Anchor Pins.


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