Fin Drains function as a below ground drainage layer for the collection and transportation of liquids. They consist of a synthetic polymer core surrounded by a geotextile filter which eliminates blockages of the system and enhances filtration. The permeable surface area of the fabric is greater than 80% unlike perforated pipes which are less than 5% permeable, thus water is rapidly drawn from the soil into the drainage system. Fin Drains provide an excellent long term performance but at a greatly reduced cost, due to flexibility and ease of installation. We supply a range of Fin Drains, our Geofin range, for the following applications;

  • Retaining Wall/Abutment Drainage
  • Highway Edge Drains
  • Podium/Bridge Deck Drainage
  • Sports Field Drainage
  • Basement Waterproofing

Our Geofin drainage products are light and easily handled on-site, and require no specialised or mechanical handling. They provide versatile, site-specific drainage solutions that we can design especially for your project. We can provide you with a total solution to your drainage requirements.

For detailed technical information or design enquiries, please contact us.

Geofin Shallow Drain

Geofin Shallow Drain is specifically designed for the effective drainage of sports fields and grassed landscaped areas, as it permits rapid re-use of the grassed area after installation. The narrow profile of Geofin Shallow Drain creates less disruption to the surface, incurs less imported fill costs and requires less time and labour to install than traditional drainage methods.

Geofin Shallow Drain is available in 125mm deep x 25mm wide and is supplied in rolls 50m in length.

Geofin Structural

Geofin Structural is designed to provide drainage to structures such as tunnels, basements, retaining walls and greenroofs. The single cuspated profile allows water to drain away from the structure without coming into contact with the surface, protecting structures from water damage.

Geofin Structural is available with core thickness of 25mm and is supplied in rolls 900mm wide x 50m in length.

Geofin Road

Geofin Road provides drainage for highway or track edge drains and verges / embankments. The Geofin Road system acts as an alternative to French Drains on verges / embankments.

Geofin Road is available in Types 5 and 6.


Fin Drain

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