Plastic Paving Systems

Ecoblock Brochure (800KB)
This brochure provides an overview of this product, its applications and advantages over other systems.

Ecoblock Installation Guide (4.2MB)
A simple, easy to use guide on how to install the Ecoblock grass protection system.

Ecoblock Material Safety Datasheet (50KB)
Details regarding the material used in the manufacture of Ecoblock.

Turf Reinforcement Mesh Leaflet (100KB)
Details regarding the applications and technical specifications of the Turf Reinforcement Mesh.

SUDS Datasheet (160KB)
How the Ecoblock can be used in combination with compatible geotextiles and geomembranes, soil confinement techniques and filter drains to provide a Sustainable Urban Drainage System.
Cellular Confinement Systems

Geoweb Brochure (800KB)
How Geoweb can be used in a variety of applications and technical details regarding the product.

Tree Root Protection Datasheet (410KB)
Details of how Geoweb can be used to strengthen ground to create an access road or car park over the roots of protected trees.

Load Support Cellular Confinement Datasheet (1MB)
This datasheet explains how Geoweb can be used in load support applications, such as access roads.

Vegetated Retaining Walls Datasheet (1MB)
An explanation of how Geoweb can be used to create aesthetically-pleasing retaining walls.
Fin Drain

Geofin Shallow Drain Datasheet (520KB)
Technical details and the advantages of the system are provided in this datasheet.

Geofin Structural Datasheet (450KB)
This datasheet explains how the Geofin Structural Drainage System works and the applications for which it can be used.

Green Roofs Reservoir Boards (340KB)
How Geofin Structural Drainage can be used to provide drainage to flat roofs.
Geotextiles & Geogrids

Polyfelt Rock G Datasheet (180KB)
Technical details regarding the Polyfelt Rock G geogrid, a high tenacity PET yarn.

Polyfelt TS Datasheet (310KB)
Provides technical details regarding the TS10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 non-woven geotextiles.

Geotextile Datasheet (920KB)
An overview of our range of woven and non-woven geotextiles and their technical specifications.
Gas Protection

GDS Datasheet (6MB)
Datasheet detailing how the Geofin GDS works in a gas collection and dispersal application and technical specifications for the product.

Gas System Components (100KB)
Illustrations of the components of the Geofin gas dispersal system.
These datasheets each detail the installation, the specification and technical characteristics of the appropriate gas protection.

Geoflex Geofoil Datasheet (460KB)

Geoflex Geothene Datasheet (420KB)

Geoflex Polypropylene Datasheet (440KB)
Ground Engineering Case Studies
All of the following provide examples of the many applications of our ground engineering products, especially when used in combination:

Canal Towpath Reinforcement Case Study (100KB)
How Ecoblock was used to solve the problem of a canal towpath being eroded by constant traffic.

Emergency Access Lane Case Study (100KB)
Ecoblock as a grassed emergency access road over the roots of protected trees.

Helicopter Landing Pad Case Study (80KB)
Ecoblock used as a grassed helicopter landing facility.

Golf Buggy Access Path Case Study (90KB)
How Ecoblock was used to accommodate pedestrian and golf buggy traffic on a grass pathway that was being eroded by the constant use of the area.

Grassed Car Park Case Study (80KB)
as a grassed car park in an area where aesthetics were of the utmost priority.

Caravan Park Hard Standing Case Study (100KB)
How Ecoblock was used to eliminate the problem of rutting on a grassed parking area immediately next to a caravan.

Collyhurst Landfill Encapsulation Case Study (700KB)
Details the capping solution provided for a contaminated site, using Geofin Structural, Geoflex Elvaliner, Geofin Road and Geoweb as soil confinement on slopes.

CRS Rochdale Case Study (820KB)
How Geoweb and Geoflex Polypropylene were used to provide a solution for an erosion control problem, accommodating an access ramp, soil confinement on steep slopes and stream re-alignment.

Drinkwater Plantation Case Study (100KB)
Geoweb used in the construction of a vegetated bank.

Haversham Bank Case Study (1MB)
The encapsulation and stabilisation of a railway embankment using Geofin Structural, Geoflex Elvaliner, Geoweb and Ecoblock.

Duxford American Air Museum Case Study (760KB)
The creation of a vegetated embankment using Geoflex Elvaliner, Geofin Structural and Geoweb.

Archaeolink Case Study (800KB)
A project which used Geofin Structural and Geoweb to create a vegetated dome or ‘green roof’.
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